Dan Condon and Christine Ashton present a webinar on Addressing Cannabis in the Workplace


Our Employer Webinar Series provides employers with value-added seminars by discussing best practices, going through practical examples, and providing sample documents. As part of this ongoing and popular Series, we will be providing a webinar on addressing cannabis in the workplace.

A substantial increase in the consumption of recreational cannabis is expected when it officially becomes legal on October 17, 2018. Indeed, some studies have indicated that close to 40% of the adult population are open to consuming cannabis on an occasional basis once legalized. In addition, numerous adults currently consume cannabis for medical purposes.

Cannabis can impact workplace safety, accommodation obligations, drug plans, and drug testing.

To assist supervisors, managers, and HR staff in regards to these issues, Wilson Vukelich LLP is providing this best practices webinar. During this webinar you will learn about:

  • how to properly handle the recreational use of cannabis prior to and during working hours;
  • how to properly handle the medical use of cannabis prior to and during working hours;
  • how to accommodate the medical use of cannabis;
  • how to address cannabis in your employee handbook and safe work handbook; and
  • how to avoid a human rights complaint or a civil action.

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