Employer Webinar Series – Handling Workplace Safety and Accidents

Trainers: Christine Ashton and Ariel Wong

Wilson Vukelich LLP’s Employer Webinar Series provides employers with value-added seminars by discussing best practices, going through practical examples, and providing sample documents. As part of this ongoing and popular Series, on Wednesday September 18th will be providing a webinar on handling workplace accidents.

When an individual is injured in the workplace, an employer must properly investigate, report, and respond to the accident in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Human Rights Code. In light of this complex web of legislation, it is important for employers to be aware of their obligations and how best to handle the incident.

During this webinar, two of our employment lawyers, Christine Ashton and Ariel Lo-Wong, will review:

•sample workplace safety policies;

•sample workplace safety training records;

•how to prevent workplace accidents;

•how to respond to workplace accidents;

•when to report workplace accidents; and

•what your obligations are in regards to the injured worker.

To order the webinar send us an email at information@wvllp.ca