Intellectual Property & Trademark Services

Our Intellectual Property and Trademarks team safeguards business assets, offering services in protection, registration, and commercial agreements

Our lawyers and trademark agents help to secure intellectual property protection for our clients, and provide services in procurement, litigation, technology transfer and corporate transactions involving various forms of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and domain names.  We also work in concert with patent agents outside the firm in providing services pertaining to patent matters.

Intellectual property rights are valuable business assets, and we strive to ensure our clients acquire and maintain the appropriate rights for their businesses.

In respect of our trademark work, our lawyers and trademark agents deal with Canadian trademarks and work with lawyers and trademark agents in other jurisdictions to gain rights for our clients outside Canada.  We start from the “idea” stage, conduct searches to determine availability of trademarks for use and registration in Canada, and provide services through the trademark application process, as well as in the arenas of trademark prosecution and the ongoing protection of registered trademarks in Canada.

Our intellectual property services include:

  • availability and registrable research
  • assistance in the selection of intellectual property protection
  • drafting and processing applications for registration in Canada
  • registration and renewal of intellectual property
  • maintenance and protection of intellectual property in Canada
  • structuring, drafting and negotiation of a variety of commercial agreements related to intellectual property, including licences and assignments
  • advising on transaction matters, including due diligence and assignment issues
  • protecting and challenging domain names and business names, and conducting and defending actions in both federal and provincial courts relating to infringement and validity of intellectual property