August 2022 Corporate Alert: Dentistry Professional Corporations: Don’t Delay Renewing your Certificate of Authorization This Year

Ontario dentists practicing through a dentistry professional corporation should be aware that the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (the “RCDSO”) has made a change to this year’s renewal process for Certificates of Authorization issued to dentistry professional corporations. Failure to note this change may result in increased fees and the revocation of your dentistry professional corporation’s Certificate of Authorization.

As in previous years, August 31st is the deadline this year to renew your annual Certificate of Authorization. This deadline applies to all dentistry professional corporations, regardless of the issuance date for your certificate.

In the past, the RCDSO allowed a grace period after August 31st to give dentists practicing through a dentistry professional corporation more time to renew their Certificates of Authorization for the year.

What is new this year is that the RCDSO will revoke your Certificate of Authorization effective as of September 1st if you fail to renew it by the August 31st deadline. Once your certificate is revoked, you will no longer be able to bill for services and fees through your dentistry professional corporation. Revoked Certificates of Authorization cannot be renewed; you must re-apply to the RCDSO for a new certificate which will lead to increased costs and time.

Don’t delay renewing your Certificate of Authorization this year. You can begin the renewal process by logging in online to the RCDSO Portal found on the RCDSO website.

Please contact our firm if you have questions about the general information contained in this article or if you have any other questions relating to your dentistry professional corporation.